Schools. Scholarships. FAFSA. 529 Plans. Student loans. Graduate School. What's the best way to prepare?

Each family-- each student-- has different wants and needs with college. Proper planning can make the difference between college being a step towards adulthood and financial independence, or a lifetime of struggle to pay off student loans. Our college planning process empowers families to make better decisions about this huge investment: 

  • Pre-college planning: We review your situation to identify how and how much to save for college, identify tradeoffs between retirement and college savings, and help position you and your student to maximize gift aid.

  • College cash flow: Once your student begins college, we help determine the optimal way to spend down savings, use current cash flow, and borrow wisely so that families maximize tax advantages and minimize additional expenses. 

  • Education debt management: We work with graduates to determine the best student loan repayment options to minimize lifetime costs and accelerate payoff. 

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